23rd October 2019

Post Event Summary: Impact Celebrates 25 Years of Success in Business

After many weeks of preparation and planning, our 25th year Anniversary came to life last Friday at the Bridgewater Hall. It was a huge pleasure to see many of our clients and associates, who have supported us over the years, as well as meeting some new faces.

A special thank you to Phil Jones MBE, Managing Director at Brother UK, for sharing his Leadership reflections and Amy Hinks, Development Manager at the Booth Centre, who shared a touching video about the Manchester-based homelessness charity.

Activities on the day

We were thrilled to welcome people for drinks and canapes whilst they networked over lunch. It was a pleasure to see so many of our clients meeting each other and sharing their experiences of transformational change and authentic leadership in their organisations. Former members of staff who had moved onto senior roles and even countries came to celebrate.

Our Business Psychologists delivered some fun interactive activities that we use in our workshop to increase learning based on our four pillars Performance, Leadership, Change, and Talent:

The Recruitment Game

Guests were asked to recruit candidates for several different jobs roles, including a Finance Director, Sales Executive, HR Manager and Marketing Manager. They had to consider each candidates personality profile and identify the dimensions that were important for the role e.g. innovative, democratic or evaluative. If the candidate provided a suitable fit to a certain job, then they were hired! People enjoyed this activity and saw the benefit of using personality for recruitment.

Wheel of Fortune

Guests had to spin the wheel which had a variety of workplace challenges such as staff retention, resistance to change and new IT software. They had come up with a strategy to resolve the workplace challenge that the spinner landed on, turning the issue from a ‘misfortune’ to a ‘fortune’. They then discussed and developed their ideas with, Sam Warren, one of the Impact team. This encouraged guests to think about issues they may have in their company and they created some innovative solutions. Guests said that using this way of problem solving was something they would like to do with their teams.

All About me! Coaching Cards

Guests had the opportunity to take part in a mini coaching session using the All About Me! coaching card set. The aim of this game was to provide guests with the opportunity to explore their behavioural drivers at work in terms of their values, motivation or direction. The cards were dealt face up and showed various statements e.g. “I have to win; I hate to lose”. The player had to think about how true each statement was about them and place the cards into columns from seldom true of me to very true of me. They turned over the cards and Anya Moore from Impact provided insights into guest’s preferences in a coaching conversation, in this case, were they driven by personal success or job satisfaction? This was an innovative approach and they were pleased to hear how this forms part of coaching programme.

After the guests had a tried the activities, they enjoyed presentations delivered by Impact Chief Executive, Shelly Rubinstein, who started off with a retrospective view of the changes that occurred in the world politics, technology, health, fashion, music, film, TV and football as well as in the field of Occupational Psychology within the last 25 years (captured here).

Impact has managed to incorporate all these changes and has remained aligned with its core values of high integrity, warmth and openness over 25 years.

Then, Phil Jones MBE, Managing Director at Brother UK, our keynote speaker, shared his Leadership reflections from across his career. A few “tips” from Phil were:

  • The health of the leader dictates the health of the business. Be responsible for yourself (including your growth).
  • Working in a consistent, honest and rigorous way matters (employees look to you).
  • Tiny Noticeable Things (TNT) are cultural and relationship dynamite. Be genuine. Design time. Make moments matter.
  • Keep it simple. Simple works to clear dysfunction.

Then, Business Psychologists, Anya Moore and Sam Warren discussed the importance of building a “Learning Culture” within organisations and described the important elements of a learning environment. You can have a closer look at their insights here.

Impact have supported many charities over the last 25 years including Cancer Research UK, MacMillan, The Fed, Diabetes UK and are now also helping The Booth Centre, which provides people who are experiencing homelessness in Manchester, with a range of services. Amy Hinks, Development Manager at the Booth Centre, shared the amazing work that the Centre does in a moving film. This prompted people to be generous and we managed to raise more than £300 from the raffle in aid of The Booth Centre. There were some lovely gifts for four lucky guests donated by Impact to support the Charity.

The Prosecco afternoon tea with cakes, scones and cream was a lovely finish to the afternoon of celebration and created a great start to the weekend. Thank you to everyone who attended, we wish everyone a productive rest of the year! Guests left with goody bags and a gift of a book of quotes carefully curated by Shelly Rubinstein. We look forward to celebrating with those who were unable to attend at other events.

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