Michael Rubinstein

Michael Rubinstein

Chief Financial Officer

Michael is a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years of business experience. He is the Director of Finance and IT and acts as Company Secretary. He offers business planning and coaching to a range of clients, working alongside the Psychologists on large organisational development projects.

Michael’s strengths lie in problem solving, getting right to the heart of an issue coupled with a pragmatic approach to implementation. He is active in voluntary community engagement, namely as Chair of a Human Rights group and as a member of the Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester. Michael also provides education in schools as a member of 2nd Generation Children of Holocaust survivors.

A keen photographer, he runs a community photography club. Michael enjoys cycling and hiking in Scotland and loves the Lancashire countryside.

“We accord a person’s dignity by assuming that they are good, that they share the human qualities we ascribe to ourselves.”

Nelson Mandela