Change. Collaborate. Create.

As the environmental, commercial and political factors around us constantly shift, embracing change is vital.

By using change as a positive force for your organisation and empowering everyone to drive change, we build resilient, robust and sustainable businesses that welcome and thrive on innovation and challenge. Find out more.

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Our services

  • Culture Change Programmes

    Change management tends to focus on structural and organisational transition. Cultural change makes these plans come alive. We passionately believe in the importance of culture. A positive organisational culture that matches the values of its people transforms the workplace, the customer experience and the bottom line. We also believe that understanding your sub-culture (what really happens and what people really do and think) is just as important as identifying the culture you want, and help you to bring the two together.

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  • Conflict to Collaboration

    In challenging times of change it can be hard for leaders not to lapse into negative management styles. There is a place for tough management, but over time it can inhibit motivation and inspiration in your teams with far reaching consequences for your bottom line. We have developed a number of integrated approaches to help facilitate the shift from conflict into collaboration, including our Organisation Behaviour Audit.
    This includes a full online Organisation Behaviour Audit (OBA) to ‘take the temperature’ of your organisation, the exploration of findings through interviews and focus groups, tailored experiential workshops to address negative dynamics and behaviours, and coaching for key individuals.

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  • Leading for change

    What is leading for change? Put simply, it is using change as a positive and dynamic force in everything that you do, and inspiring others to adapt and change. It builds resilience and enables creativity and innovation. There is a saying if you are not ready for change then you are not ready to lead, which shows how change needs to be seen as the norm in our day to day working lives. We create workshops to develop your leadership and teams, exploring and removing the barriers to change. We use accelerated learning techniques to gain insight into the dynamics of successful leading for change and look at what happens when change is resisted and how this can affect personal and organisational performance.

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  • Customer Excellence

    How do you build a customer service excellence culture that is lived by everyone in your organisation? Fantastic customer service will have an immediate and long lasting effect on your performance and the bottom line. It comes from engaging with people and is delivered by engaging people. It is the responsibility of everyone in your organisation. By sharing knowledge and evidence-based practice, we work with you to develop a true customer service culture and engage and inspire your colleagues and customers.

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  • Agile, adaptive & responsive cultures
  • Empower others to embrace change
  • Resilient, dynamic & productive teams
  • Creativity & innovation

“Shelly and her team are great at getting their heads around organisational challenges and coming up with practical workable plans for senior managers to implement. In particular, the team have helped me work through a senior management restructure, executive recruitment assessment, and my own executive coaching. Well worth the time and effort.”

Julian Bryan Managing Director, Quill PinPoint