The power of coaching and continuous improvement.

We use coaching and continuous improvement techniques to enhance individual, team and organisational development and strive for high performance.

We collaborate with you to provide insight and discovery into your professional life, and to understand how your personality strengths can inspire success beyond the ordinary. Find out more.

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Our services

  • Coaching

    We love coaching. It is one of the most powerful tools for insight and discovery and is also a very dynamic process, with a strong emphasis on planning for action. We work one-on-one and within the code of practice of the British Psychological Society and Association for Coaching, to give you the very best professional service to achieve your desired goals.

    We offer: business coaching, career guidance, executive coaching, resilience coaching and stress management.

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  • Personal and Team Development

    Successful teams drive performance. Understanding our own strengths and sense of purpose is invaluable for leading and inspiring a team. By developing our personal skills and capabilities we can greatly enhance and increase the performance of our colleagues. We help you to examine these qualities and uncover your potential, and work together to discover new ideas for developing your teams.

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  • Business Planning

    Using a planned and systematic approach, we enable leaders to fully assess their aspirations for their organisations. We then help you to translate this into the most effective and focused plan of action.

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  • Resilience and Organisational Wellbeing

    Wellbeing and goodwill are vital to any organisation. There’s a saying that goodwill is the most important grain of sand that can easily slip through your fingers. We will help you to establish and nurture a healthy organisation where both of these things can flourish. We work with individuals, boards and teams to embed the values of wellbeing and goodwill. We provide techniques to support both, greatly enhancing your performance, results and bottom line.

    Tough times also call for a high level of resilience. Does resilience mean the same as being strong? We share the qualities of resilience together and what this will look like in practice, and examine how resilient leadership helps your organisation to thrive even in the most testing of circumstances.

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  • Increased productivity & profit
  • Culture of creativity & innovation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Employee commitment & retention

“Last year the Birchwood estate generated the strongest overall returns that have been achieved for 7 years. We think that this has been driven by multiple factors, a significant one being a highly effective and focused team. This has been hugely influenced by Impact’s work in diagnosing the necessary changes and implementing a structured and targeted management development and customer focused culture change programme. I will gladly recommend them to growing businesses.”

Jonathan Walsh Managing Director, Birchwood Park