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We apply the principles of occupational psychology to the world of work, helping our clients to grow their organisations and release the full potential of their people.

We work with businesses, the public sector and not for profit organisations to deliver world class psychology for business that creates lasting results.

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#Performance Tip 19: Understand and embrace your emotions. Whether worried or angry, stop for a minute and think why am I feeling this way? Interrupt your emotionally-charged state of mind with rational solutions. Don't let your emotions control you! #25tipsfor25years This Sunday marked Emmeline Pankhurst's 161st birthday! The most iconic women’s rights activists in British history. Equality, inclusivity and diversity are all things which underpin our approach here at Impact and our branding colours pay homage to the #suffragette movement. Thanks to everyone who took part in the research with the Uni of Manchester! Our Research Assistant, Hannah Evans, was investigating “The effect of values on leadership style in the NHS” for her Masters thesis. We will share the results with you once the data has been analysed!

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